How to Repair Stucco Wall


Your stucco wall is an essential aspect of your home. You have to make sure that it makes your home look pretty for a long time. To do that, if you notice some problems, you have to fix them at once. Small holes or cracks can get bigger if you let them sit there for a long time. You may also choose great paint and other products to help you prevent damage to your wall. However, if you still notice some cracks or holes, you should do some repair. Here is how to do it.


First, you have to identify the reason why your wall has damage. There are many reasons that you might want to consider and take care of before patching it. 

Some Possible Causes:

Hydraulic Pressure

A damage in your wall might be because of hydraulic pressure. It happens when water is behind your stucco wall. You have to get a great moisture barrier to avoid this problem. You also have to remove the water behind it before repairing it.

Surface Moisture

If you have flower beds near your stucco and sprinklers in it, then water may hit the base of your wall and spray some water to it. You have to make sure that they are installed properly.


Wicking might happen if the plaster absorbs moisture. That might be because of improper installation, so you have to fix that first if you want to get rid of the real problem.

These are all possible causes, but damage may also happen if you accidentally hit your wall with a material. Don’t worry because you can still fix it. 


A great material for repairing your stucco is caulking. You have to load it in your caulking gun. Remember, you should always clean the area first, so it will adhere properly. You may use caulking for holes and small cracks that you may find. Just squeeze and follow the track of the fracture or fill up the hole. Then, use your finger to spread it, so it will adhere to the wall. When it cures, it will shrink a bit, so you have to add another layer. For that one, use a brush or sandpaper to blend it in with the textured surface of the wall. After that, you may let it cure for the indicated amount of time. You may paint over the repair or the whole wall to make it look better. A fresh coat of paint will add more protection to your wall and prevent other problems. It will also fill smaller damages that you may not notice.

If you think that the problem is too serious, you may call some experts. The best for a job like this is waterproofing contractors. They will surely know what to do about it. Contact or look for one around your area. They are always ready to help out.

Take care of your stucco and solve problems once you notice them. Prevent bigger ones so you can make sure that it will last.