How Many Sprinkler Heads Per Zone

How Many Sprinkler Heads Per Zone

A sprinkler system is essential in keeping your lawn properly nourished and healthy. It facilitates the systematic watering system of your garden. That’s why it is important to have it installed correctly to function well. 

The number of sprinkler heads per zone varies on the flow and pressure rate of your water supply. To measure these criteria, take the pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM) flow of the system and the gallons per minute (GPM) utilized by each sprinkler head. Normally, most sprinkler heads utilize more gallons per minute if the pressure rate is higher. Once you have the estimated calculation for this, you will have an idea of how many sprinkler heads will fit in one zone. You also have to consider if the set of sprinkler heads are composed of different brands. Even if the specifications are matched, using different brands can cause a slight variation in the watering distribution. It is recommended to just stick to one brand to ensure that the calculations are accurate. 

In order to identify the number of sprinkler heads recommended per zone in your garden, you must understand first why there must be different zones in it and what exactly the word “zone” means? 

Zone, often called the “irrigation zone”, refers to the overall plan of the entire water management for your lawn. It makes the water distribution smooth flowing and accurate. A specific zone divides the entire lawn area in order to determine which zone is lacking more water and which one is already watered. 

How Many Sprinklers Per Zone?

As mentioned earlier, different plants have different watering needs. It is important to classify or group the plants accordingly and place them in a specific zone so that the sprinkler system will be able to provide the right amount of water per each plant group.

For example, separate the shrubs, big trees, plants, flowers, and grass according to their type. All of them need different amounts of water and nourishment. Once they are divided and placed in their specific zones, you can program the sprinkler system according to their watering needs.

To know the number of sprinklers you need per zone, get all the information first about the water pressure in your outdoor and the capacity of water. Then determine if the sprinkler nozzles can take a certain amount of water needed for a specific zone. 

Sprinkler Per Zone Calculator:

1. Check the water pressure

Put the pressure calculator on the tap, which is nearest to the water meter. Switch on the gauge attached tap and let it read for a few seconds the water pressure. Your result will be in pounds per square. Then switch off the faucet and take off the pressure gauge. 

2. Measure the flow rate or water capacity 

Get a bucket or vessel where you can pour and measure the water. Just make sure that the faucets are closed both indoor and outdoor. Turn on the tap and take note of the duration. Once the vessel or bucket is filled with water, turn the tap off and record the time. Just get the time duration of how long it takes to fill the container with water. 

3. Follow this formula 

Container in gallons / Time duration in seconds X 60 = Gallons per minute (GPM)

The pound per square inch (PSI) and the gallons per minute (GPM) determines the number of sprinkler heads per zone. You should also take into consideration that the sprinkler head tends to utilize more GPM when the pressure is higher.