How to Manually Turn On An AC Unit

AC Manually

In a technologically-driven society that we live in, countless advancements are made to ease and lessen the struggles of our daily lives. As an example, most households nowadays often use remote controllers to control and use their household appliances. Air conditioners are perfect examples. Using remote controllers, you can turn it on, set your desired temperature, adjust the fan speed, and even turn it off. In this way, it can make the task easier and faster, all of these in the comfort of just sitting on your couch or lying on your bed.

But what happens if, in the middle of a hot, sunny day, your beloved AC unit remote controller suddenly stops functioning and it can’t do the things you want it to do? Or if you misplaced it? Well, it surely is a hassle to lose. Your beloved remote controller may now give you a headache. But don’t panic, take it easy. Your air conditioner can still be operated manually. 

If you haven’t tried reading your manual, this is the perfect time to do it. Your manual contains all of the useful information you need to know about your unit. You can even see there the ways on how to operate your AC unit manually. 

Here are some tips for you:

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat is the most vital part of manually controlling your AC unit. Here, you can find all of the adjustment knobs, created to adjust the timers, temperatures, and many more. The power button is usually here, which is the button you would like to push if you want to turn it on or off. Just be careful of the buttons and be familiar with them so that you know what you are doing.

Check the Sides of Your AC Unit

If you haven’t seen the power button on the thermostats, check on the sides of your AC unit. Some units are designed with their power buttons placed either on the left or right side of the unit, so this is where you would want to check next.

Open the AC Unit’s Front Grille

If you haven’t seen the power button on the sides, this is where you would want to check next. Some AC Unit models have their power button hidden inside or by the front grille, that’s why you have to lift it first to push the button.

Reset your AC Unit

If you happen to set the timer before using your remote controller and you can’t turn it on manually again after it shuts down, you can always reset your air conditioner. All you have to do is unplug your unit, go to your circuit breaker, and shut it off. Wait for your 30 seconds, turn it on and it is already reset.

The tips aforementioned are made to help you when you lose your remote controller. You can always replace your remote to experience the same comfort you did before. If the unit can’t be turned on manually after following these tips, it may be a sign that the remote isn’t the only problem. You might want to run a diagnostics when this happens. We hope we’ve helped you!