How to Screw into Stucco

How to Screw into Stucco

Stucco, in comparison to the normal cement covering, gives the wall a sophisticated texture and in some cases, architectural decorations. Some homeowners choose to hang some nice fancy items like frames or paintings on the stucco wall to add more details and decors. 

That’s why knowing how to screw into stucco is important if you want to add more do-it-yourself furnishings into your stucco.  Normal drilling cannot hold up the screws in the wall. Following the proper method on how to prick the screws into the stucco wall is straightforward. 


Step by step process on how to install screws into stucco: 

Before working, make sure to prepare all the necessary tools like your safety gear and other power tools. 


1. Mark the location of the screw on stucco with a pencil 

Using a pencil or a felt-tip marker, mark the placement of the screw on stucco that you have to prick in. This is to prevent extra marks or dirt on the stucco. 


2. Align the drill on the position before making a drill 

Install a masonry drill bit into your driller. After that, align and put the driller on the spot of the mark that you have drawn earlier. Grip the drill on the stucco at a 90-degree angle on the wall in order for you to make a hole directly to the wall. 

Slowly drill into the spot you have marked to prick a hole in the wall. It is important to drill on a slow phase to make the drill even and straight and to avoid the wall from chipping. 

While wearing your protective goggles, slowly blow the chips and dust from the hole to make it clean and to ensure that the drill is going smooth. 


3. Place caulk in the hole

After drilling a hole to the stucco wall, place some caulk inside it. This will keep the stucco wall from getting damaged by the drilling and it will have a recovery coating stuck in the hole. This also helps in making further steps to work well and have an even finishing for the hole to put the screws in it. 


4. Put the screw anchor to the hole 

 Choose the right size of the anchor-based on the size of the screw that you will use. Take note that the size of the screw must be based on the object that you plan to hang on the stucco wall. Then, put the screw anchor into the hole. Using a screwdriver, insert the anchor in the hole. A hammer can also be an alternative in forging in the anchor to the wall. Continue until the anchor is fully inside of the wall. 


5. Prick in the screw

Push the screw in the anchor using a screwdriver or hammer. Make sure that the caulk is solidly adhering to the anchor. 

Place the screw to the wall based on the length requirement of the screw head and continue screwing until you reach the fixed length. Remember that you to be careful about the screws that you are using.