Why You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

air duct cleaning

Air ducts can harbor allergens and other contaminants that can cause illnesses, including asthma and allergies. Having your ducts professionally cleaned by Air Duct Cleaning experts, you can prevent your ducts from harboring harmful particles and bacteria. This procedure also prevents vermin and mold spores from crawling into your ducts.

The air inside your home is full of dust, which is made up of many particles. These particles include dirt, dust mites, hair, and pet fur. While most dust is harmless, the presence of vermin can cause serious health risks. They leave behind droppings that can cause illness. You may not be aware that you are breathing in this harmful air, but if you’re unsure, call a professional and have them check the ducts.

While there are several companies that offer air duct cleaning, you need to be careful to choose one that has a good reputation. Some companies advertise a cheap $50 “whole house special” that will leave your ducts uncleaned. This service may be a scam or a false sales pitch. Also, be wary of duct cleaning companies that use non-certified methods. These companies may use chemicals that are dangerous to your health and may damage the ductwork.

A certified professional will use a powerful vacuum to clean your ducts. These machines are usually large enough to mount on a truck or van. They are more powerful than shop vacs and are designed to pull debris out of air ducts. They also use HEPA filters to prevent contamination. A powerful vacuum with a high suction rating of 2000 to 5000 cubic feet per minute is also used by professional air duct cleaners.

You should also choose a company that belongs to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. This organization certifies air duct cleaning technicians and makes it easy to find a company that meets your standards. You can even search for member companies using your zip code. This way, you’ll be able to choose the best professional for your air duct cleaning needs.

A professional air duct cleaning can help to keep dust, pollen, and other particles out of your air. A technician will start by cleaning the furthest duct run from your HVAC system. Then, the technician will move the machine through each run several times, removing all dust particles. Once all ductwork has been cleaned, the technician will perform a complete furnace and indoor coil cleaning to ensure that all particulates have been removed. You can choose to schedule regular cleaning sessions, or you can opt for a one-time clean.

An air duct cleaning service provider may also propose applying chemical biocides to your ducts. These chemicals kill bacteria, fungi, and mold. They can also be used to seal your air ducts. However, a chemical biocide should only be used when necessary. If you’re concerned about chemical biocides, make sure the service provider explains the pros and cons of the treatment. These treatments are appropriate for certain conditions, but they should be used only after you’ve thoroughly cleaned your air ducts.

Whether to clean your ducts yourself or hire a professional air duct cleaning service depends on your needs and budget. Most companies charge by vent level or square footage, so you need to get a quote that reflects the total cost of your duct cleaning. There are many different methods for cleaning ducts, and some are better than others. When choosing an air duct cleaning service, make sure they explain what method they’ll use. Make sure the service uses no chemicals or biocides that are not approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Professional air duct cleaning services have the proper tools and techniques to thoroughly clean your ducts. Unlike a homeowner, a professional will not damage your ductwork. They also have the expertise to spot problems with your HVAC system. During the cleaning process, the technician will thoroughly inspect your air ducts to make sure there are no leaks or cracks. It’s always better to choose a professional air duct cleaning service rather than a DIY option.

Air duct cleaning can also help you avoid health problems caused by dust. Having a dirty HVAC system can worsen existing conditions like asthma and allergy symptoms. The presence of dust mites can also trigger asthma attacks. Furthermore, dirty ducts can harbor harmful contaminants, and they can spread these toxins throughout the house. For these reasons, it is essential to get your ducts cleaned regularly.